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XiOptics optical connection solutions are available in for use in every major connector system. Our core technologies are based on Mil-T-29504 optical termini and ARINC 801 optical termini standards. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by not just engineering products to the just meet the specifications but rather we inject the latest technologies into our solutions to provide features desired by customers requiring the highest quality products. Examples of how we are different and how we benefit our customers include:

  • Body Materials: XiOptics uses only precision machined and passivated stainless steel for metallic components. This ensures compatibility with all connector platforms as well as providing users absolute surety of non-corrosive products.
  • Compression Springs: XiOptics uses only the finest pre-set and precision ground 17-4 stainless steel springs. This ensures that our products perform the same after hundreds of mating cycles exactly as it they did on their first cycle.
  • Ceramic Components: XiOptics has partnered with the worlds leading supplier of precision ceramic ferrules. Our ferrules have concentricity and diametric tolerances controlled within a half of a micron (.00002 of an inch) and incorporate manufacturing technologies developed for the high volume ceramics manufactured for the telecommunications industry. XiOptics uses ferrules that are align fibers within the ferrule structure approximately 4 times more accurately than competing designs. This improvement results in insertion loss values that are not only typically lower but also more stable during product lifetimes.
  • Tuning: our NXTCore, ARINC 801 specification product is the only on the market incorporating hex registry tuning as found in industry leading LC interconnects. This enables us to deliver cable solutions with not only lower loss but more consistent loss characteristics regardless of the fiber type selected.
  • Termination: our 29504 products offer the latest specification release bonding cup termination methods. This removes the need for messy external adhesive application or the use of heat shrink tubing as found on our competitors Style 1 designs.

Our termini are the foundation of our products. With each terminus solution comes a range of optical connector systems. Each offered with unique capabilities or configurations. So if termination of optical fiber in harsh environments for industrial, medical, aerospace or defense systems is a requirement and connector styles ranging from circular 38999 products, ARINC 404/600 products, D-subminiature products, LC style products are needed. XiOptics can deliver solutions capable of working with single mode or multi mode glass optical fiber as well as plastic optical fiber (POF).

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