XiOptics 29504/5 Style 2 Optical Terminus

XiOptics leads the world in developing and deploying advanced fiber optic interconnect solutions. With the worlds first Type 2 Mil-T-29504 optical terminus solution for Mil-C-38999 XiOptics offers cable solution providers the most cost effective and easiest to terminate fiber optic terminus system available.

Features and Benefits:
  • Type 2 bonding cup solution for easier and mess free fiber termination. No heat shrink sleeve post termination processing required.
  • Suitable for multi-mode and single-mode applications. PC or UPC end face geometry capable. Plastic fiber capable.
  • Precision xirconia ceramic ferrule with .5 micron concentricity delivers superior single mode insertion loss performance by reducing concentricity errors.
  • All stainless steel main body construction removes the problems with plating flaking creating optical interface contamination or corrosion cell formation.
  • Extended press fit area between body and ceramic ferrule ensures performance across all environments.
  • Retained sleeve hood design attached with simple threaded interface.
  • COTS (commercial off the shelf) version available
Specifications: Mil-PRF-29504
Termination Instructions
Optical Performance:
Parameter SM UPC MM
Insertion Loss (db typ.) 0.30 0.45
Maximum Loss (db max.) 1.10 1.20
Return Loss (db typ.) 55 42
Return Loss (db. Min.) 50 40
Product Configuration: Terminus Drawing
Ordering Information: Product Configurator

Connector Applications: Mil-DTL-38999